5 Topics to Avoid If You Choose to Venture into Bisexual Dating

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Bisexuals usually endure disrespectful remarks from straight and gay people because of a common misconception that they are indecisive. However, this is far from the truth, and if you decide to date a bisexual, it is important to respect their sex orientation without forcing them to make a choice. It is important to note that bisexuals can commit to a relationship, the same way straight and gay people can. Therefore, if you choose to follow the bisexual dating path, steer away from the following topics because they will be disrespectful to your partner.

Gender Preference

When you start bi dating, your focus should on making the relationship work and not finding out about your partner’s gender preference. The basic component of any relationship is respect and, therefore, asking your partner about his/her sexual preference, it is disrespectful. Please remember that the person you are dating wants to be with you because of your personality, and not your sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation

Like mentioned earlier, bisexual usually face discrimination because most people do not understand them. A significant number of people assume that bisexuals are gay people who are yet to make up their mind. Therefore, when you start bisexual dating, you should have a clear understanding of the sex orientation and bringing up sexual orientation topic in hope changing them is disrespectful.


Just because someone is a bisexual does not mean that the person will just date anyone who is interested in dating. Bisexual have standards and, and as previously mentioned, they make their choices based of a person’s character. Therefore, if you are interested in dating bisexual women, please respect them and know that they are faithful, and you can trust them. Starting a cheating topic will insinuate that you have a low level of trust.

The Past

If you choose to date a bisexual, it is unfair to try to dig about the past. It is actually disrespectful when you ask your partner about his or her dating history. Bisexual dating is not easy, especially when one partner do not appreciate the sexual orientation of the bisexual partner. When you ask about someone’s past, you imply that you want to know where his or her preference lies. The past relationships should stay in the past.

Referring to them Straight or Gay

Bisexuals are bisexuals and not straight or gay. The misconception occurs mostly to bisexual women.  If you are dating a bisexual girl, avoid referring to her as a lesbian or a straight girl. She is simply a bisexual. Constantly referring to her a lesbian is mistaking her for something she is not. A relationship should have a foundation of understanding and acceptance. You have to be comfortable with her orientation and identify her with it.