Tips on Getting Support as a Bisexual

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Being bisexual, you may often feel alone and misunderstood. One of the reasons behind these feelings is the lack of information on this formerly ‘taboo’ topic and the abundance of ‘negative’ opinions surrounding it. However, getting support isn’t impossible nowadays, as 3.4% of the US population identifies itself as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender. And the numbers continue to grow as more people open up to accept who they are. Besides, how long can a person stay in the dark? Are you looking for help and support too? If so, follow these useful tips:

(Before we move on, it is important for you to be aware there is nothing wrong with bisexuality. Why? Because human sexuality is complicated and what may seem attractive to one gender or human may not necessarily be for another. Instead of feeling depressed or hating yourself, move past the phase of regret and accept who you are. Cheers!)

  • Be Open from the Start

In this age of vast information, blogs and articles have become important tools for distributing knowledge and news to diverse populations. Forget about hiding your sexuality and look for support by reading numerous books and articles online on LGTB support websites and communities. Once you start reading, you will begin to understand and appreciate your sexuality. Besides, what can be better than loving a person for who he/she really is, regardless of their sex? You are unique!

  • Get in Touch with LGBT Organizations

Are you looking for proper advice regarding how to reveal your sexuality to others? If so, get in touch with LGBT organizations right away. You can find many LGBT communities online that offer confidential and non-judgmental ‘helpline’ services. They provide valuable listening, support, advice, and information to bisexual people, their friends, families or anyone seeking professional assistance in helping others who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

  • Talk to Other Bisexuals

Nobody can be more understanding regarding your sexual orientation than a person who is like YOU and knows the pains and challenges of being bisexual or the ‘oddball’ of the society. Join bisexual communities online and be friends with other bisexuals. This way, you can gain the confidence of speaking to others and openly reveal your sexuality to them. Revealing your sexuality to a person who knows exactly how it feels like will also lessen the ‘burden’ on your shoulders and enable you to stop feeling ashamed of who you are.

  • Stay Away from ‘Negative’ Individuals

You can always find friends who will accept you for who you are. But you will also find many people who will actually make your situation worse by constantly berating, making fun of you, or calling you weird names. Don’t let these ‘negative’ individuals affect you and instead avoid them at all costs. Of course, you do want to blend in, but with time and patience, people will learn to accept you similar to how they learned to accept gay and lesbians.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, getting support as a bisexual won’t be a problem.