Parenting While Bisexual


This past May I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. I got flowers, breakfast, the whole lot. No real break from parenting. Does that even exist?

Turns out parenting is hard work. Our recently-adopted 5-year-old kiddo came fully loaded with sassy comebacks, strong opinions about food, and a love of absurdist comedy.

What do you call a grizzly bear in a tree?

I don’t know, what do you call a grizzly bear in a tree?


Of course.

As we slip down the slide of life with our kiddo, my partner and I are grasping at anything to help control our descent: friends, family, community resources, blogs, books, Wikipedia, WebMD, Facebook groups, strangers in the street. (Hilarious aside: last week our kiddo was screaming so loudly in the car that a passing parent on the sidewalk yelled “Solidarity!” It was a moment.) Despite the plethora of parenting resources, I’ve struggled to find information or support for bisexual parents like myself.

Research shows that bisexual parents face particular challenges unique from those faced by gay, lesbian, and heterosexual parents, like erasure, invisibility, and discrimination. Yet when you Google “bisexual parents,” the majority of links are resources for coming out as bisexual to your parents, not how to parent as a bisexual person. Similar searches reveal even less… parental results.

And, the data shows that lots of bisexual people are parents. According to the Williams Institute, 59 percent of bisexual women and 32 percent of bisexual men have had kids, compared to 31 percent of lesbians and 16 percent of gay men. Because bisexual people make up the largest portion of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) community, this means more than two-thirds of LGB parents are bisexual.

A 2014 survey by the Pew Research Center found that over 80 percent of bisexual people in committed relationships are in relationships with people of a different gender. (If you’re wondering why, check out this terrific article on the math.) So, the growing number of resources for same-sex parents won’t feel relevant for the majority of bisexual people. For example, bisexual parents in different-sex relationships may be able to more easily create legal ties to their children, but may struggle to find family or community who support bisexual people being parents, and thus feel isolated in their parenting. Bisexual parents may feel they have to hide their sexual orientation, leading to poorer health outcomes.

In fact, bisexual people need targeted resources to help overcome the many disparitiesfacing them. Bisexual people are low-income: 29.4 percent of bisexual women and 25.9 percent of bisexual men live at or below the federal poverty line. Low income parents struggle to make ends meet for their children, to make sure there is healthy food on the table and a safe, warm place to sleep at night. A recent study found that bisexual women face disproportionately high rates of depression, anxiety, substance use, and suicidal ideation. Bisexual people face pervasive discrimination at work. Bisexual people suffer staggeringly high rates of intimate partner violence. Many of these low-income bisexual people suffering from violence, discrimination, depression, and a lack of support are parents.

Support, though scarce, does exists. BiNet USA hosts a map of support groups and meetups across the country where bisexual parents can connect. If you are bisexual and already have a network, reach out to support another bisexual parent. Maybe you were the parent that yelled “Solidarity!” to my car from the sidewalk. Thank you. Every little bit helps.

The 10 Most Badass Gay And Bisexual Male Characters On TV

A comment on the Movie Pilot Facebook page after my article about the10 most badass LBT women on TV got me thinking. What about the dudes? Gay and bisexual men also have had a hard time on TV, usually portrayed as flamboyant fashionistas or mega-butch gym bunnies. Gay and bisexual males of color have an even harder time, trans men are basically nonexistent (I couldn’t find any good representations of trans men on TV, so please sound off in the comments if you know of any!) GBT men deserve three dimensional roles, so once again let’s take a look at those who have broken the stereotype and done just that! (In no particular order).

10. Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowmen (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

Love interest: Ianto

Captain Jack has saved the universe countless times alongside the Doctor and Team Torchwood. His moral ambiguity sets him apart from the Doctor, sacrificing his own grandson to avenge the death of his on/off boyfriend, Ianto.

9. Mickey Milkovich – Noel Fisher (ShamelessUS)

Love interest: Ian Gallagher

Bad boys don’t come much badder than Mickey. He is aggressive, violent and full of rage, but through his relationship with Ian Gallagher, we see him become so much more than the violent thug we’re introduced to in Season 2.

8. Felix Dawkins – Jordan Jarvis (Orphan Black)

Love interest: All men. Everywhere.

Felix is a prostitute, artist, brother, uncle, fighter and everything else in between. He is the glue that keeps Clone Club together, which is why the introduction of his biological sister in Season 4 is seen as such a threat to Sarah. Felix is the one who picks her up, and offers both support and comic relief.

7. Omar Little – Michael K. Williams (The Wire)

Love interest: Brandon (S1), Dante (S2), Renaldo (S4)

Notorious Baltimore stick-up man and gangster Omar Little really isn’t someone you want to cross paths with. People run when they see Omar coming in his bulletproof vest and shotgun, whistling “The Farmer in the Dell,” so the fact that he also happens to be gay means little to anyone.

6. Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper) – Andy Mientus (The Flash)

Love interest: Unknown

Hartley Rathaway, the former S.T.A.R. Labs employee-turned-villain, is one of the only openly gay supervillains on television. Even though this aspect of his character has yet to be explored, openly bisexual actor Andy Mientus told The Wrap:

“With Pied Piper there is definitely room in the future for his sexuality to come up in a major way, but in his introduction that’s not the focus. It’s huge progress because if you introduced a gay character on a show, 10 years ago it would be a big thing and probably cause a controversy.”

5. Oberyn Martell – Pedro Pascal (Game Of Thrones)

Love interest: Literally anything with a pulse

Oberyn Martell was the perfect example of a bisexual man who literally gave zero fucks. He loved who he wanted and didn’t care who knew it, as is the way of Dorne. His horrible, painful death at the hands of the Mountain was one of the most gut-wrenching moments of Season 4.

4. Lafayette Reynolds – Nelsan Ellis (True Blood)

Love interest: Jesús Velásquez

As one of the sassiest, toughest and all-round best characters ever seen on TV, Lafayette was one of the reasons True Blood was great, and the AIDS Burger scene will live forever in television history.

3. Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia – Tom Payne (The Walking Dead)

Love interest: Unknown

Having only just been introduced at the tail end of Season 6, Jesus’ sexuality hasn’t been solidified in the show. In the comics, however, he is openly gay, but I guess with walkers and Negan after you, it’s not such a big deal. Tom Payne spoke to TV Guide about the possibility of his character following the comics:

“What I find interesting from the comics is that it’s not a big deal. He just is who he is. And I enjoy the fact that in the show, they want to do right by the characters. So, um… you’ll find out! What I will say is that the showrunners and everyone who works at the show respect the vision of the characters.

Jesus would not be the first gay male on TWD, that honor was taken by Aaron and his boyfriend Eric, recruiters for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

2. Kurt Hummel – Chris Colfer (Glee)

Love interest: Blaine Anderson

On the surface Kurt ticks all the stereotypical boxes, but as Glee wore on, he became one of the most beloved gay characters on TV. Kurt was a badass. He dealt with homophobia, rejection, abuse, unrequited love, sex, and will always be a go-to for young LGBT men and women, thanks to Chris Colfer’s honest portrayal of this openly gay and fabulous teenager.

See what he and the rest of the Glee cast have been up to here.

1. Hannibal Lector – Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)

Love interest: Potentially Will Graham

The relationship between Graham and Hannibal is riddled with homoerotic subtext, and while nothing is ever overtly said out loud, showrunner Bryan Fuller has always claimed Hannibal as omnisexual, and that perhaps their relationship could have developed into something more had the show continued.

Thanks to BiCupid – My Online Bisexual Dating Story

love over 40e one of them. I was twenty-six and I had just decided that it was finally time to put myself on the market… the dating market. I was not sure exactly how to go about doing something like this because I was bi and looking for a female partner. There were not a lot of dating sites that catered to that need of mine but after a quick and easy search on Google, I finally found what I was looking for on a site called BiCupid.

I took things slow and did not rush into finding a partner. I looked through many profiles and chatted with quite a few women who were also searching for female partners. After about one month of searching through profiles and talking to new people, I found a match that was right for me. Her name was Tira. She was thirty years old and she was bi just like me. We hit it off and decided to meet in person in order to further our relationship.

We went on several dates and got to know each other quite well. We even had a few sexual experiences together as a result of these dates. Soon, our sexual experiences began to be the focus of all of our dates. After a while, I realized that I did not really have feelings for Tira and that the only part of our time together that I looked forward to was sexual. I also realized that Tira was doing the same thing and that the two of us were simply using each other for sex. I quickly decided that this was not what I was looking for in life and that I wanted to end the relationship but I was not sure how to go about telling this to Tira.

One day, Tira approached me with a proposition. She wanted to have a threesome between her, her husband, and myself. This was instantly a turn off. I did not know that she was married and although our relationship had just been for sex, I was very put off by this. I did not want to date a married woman and, besides, I actually liked younger girls a lot better than older girls. I figured that it would be better to end this now. So, when she made this offer to me, I not only rejected her but I let her know that I was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with her. I did this casually because I knew that the relationship did not mean a great deal to either of us since we had both resorted to just using each other for sex.

Tira was only slightly disappointed by me breaking off our relationship. We went our separate ways and I returned to BiCupid in order to start talking to people and looking for a better relationship than I had had with Tira. Only a week after I had ended things with Tira, she sent me a message on BiCupid and invited me to a party that she was throwing as a sign of good will. I had nothing better to do and thought that it would be fun so I let her know that I would definitely be there. I thought that perhaps this would be a good way to meet new people and hopefully meet another girl who might be interested in me.

I went to the party and although I did not have high expectations, I did meet someone. From the moment I saw her, I was entranced. The first word that came to mind when I saw her was sexy. She had tattoos on her body and I felt myself instantly wondering how many tattoos she had underneath her clothes.  Although I was a little bit nervous, I approached her and started a conversation easily. She was easy to talk to and as she spoke I knew that I just wanted to know more and more about her. We had a chemistry together and I could tell that she felt the same way that I did. I quickly learned that she was a lesbian and I also learned that she did not mind that I was bi. The fact that I was sometimes attracted to men did not bother her at all and that made me ecstatic.

I took that sexy woman home that night and we got to know each other intimately which was something that I enjoyed greatly. I was able to see all of her tattoos and she was eager to show them to me. We quickly realized that we wanted to spend even more time together and that this relationship would not be one that was only about sex. And so we went on dates and actually got to know one another. Now, we have been together for a year and a half and I can honestly say that I love her. We are very happy together and I hope that we will stay that way for a very long time.

I would like to thank both BiCupid and Tira for bringing the two of us together. Without them, neither one of us would have ever found the love that we have for each other and because of them, we are both very, very happy. Thank you!

This Mom Is Bisexual And In An Open Marriage. And She’s Happy As Can Be

Sacrifice. Isn’t that what motherhood is all about? Or is that what we have made ourselves believe? We sacrifice our sleep, our vanity and often our dignity. Anyone who has ever whipped out a boob in a crowded restaurant or has had to deal with a screaming tantrum in a toy store knows exactly what I mean. We mothers have convinced ourselves that to be the best for our children, we have to give up almost everything that separates us from the childless women out there.

But to be good mothers must we sacrifice that which makes us who we are? For Sophie Jenkins, absolutely not. One recent evening, following dinner with her husband Steve and their six-year-old daughter, Sophie planned a fun night out dancing with the girls. This isn’t unusual for most moms – we still enjoy nights out with our friends, even though they may end earlier than they did in our child-free days. But for Sophie, the concept of ‘girls night out’ takes on a whole different meaning.

On this night, Sophie enters the club and watches the gorgeous women, eyeing their soft curves. But she won’t be viewing them with envy, comparing her own body to theirs, as so many of us tend to do. No, Sophie will be looking at them with interest. You see, Sophie is a bisexual, married mom and tonight, she wants to find a woman to dance with and maybe make out with and then see where it leads.

You might be shocked, even horrified, to think that Sophie is cheating on her clueless husband. You might be judging this behavior as unsuitable for a mom. But Sophie is neither cheating nor doing anything wrong. She is simply living her life the way she wants to. And Steve knows all about it.

From the minute they met, Steve knew that Sophie was the woman he was going to marry and have children with. He also knew that she was bisexual and he had no problem with it. He understood that it’s the person – not the gender – that Sophie loves, and that she loves her husband deeply. And for the first few years of their marriage, it was enough.

Then Sophie had her daughter, a traumatic birth that led to severe postpartum depression. She felt lost, unhappy and desperate to have her old life back, which had included dating women. After therapy and a lot of soul searching, Sophie realized that she had sacrificed too much. She is a married mom, yes, but she is also a bisexual woman who needs other women to feel whole.

Bisexuality is confusing for most people. Isn’t it enough to just choose one gender and stick with it? Must people be allowed to sample from every menu? Well, why not? If Sophie’s bisexuality is “an elemental capacity to develop an attraction to the same gender,” then how can one argue with an innate part of her identity? Our most important job as moms is to teach our children to be proud of who they are. Sophie is doing exactly that. Though, like most parents, she has no intention of discussing her sex life with her daughter, she is exemplifying how to live a full, content life by being honest with herself and her husband about who she is.

Where is her loving partner in all of this? Well, he also has desires, but his don’t include going to bars and picking up women. What he wants is the classic male fantasy: a threesome with his wife and another woman. But as Sophie explains, it’s not easy to find a woman who wants to be brought home to someone else’s husband. In fact, it’s so hard to find this elusive other woman that it became part of an iconic Sex and the City episode in which Miranda answers a personals ad from a couple looking for this rare third party. According to Sophie, most potential “thirds” aren’t so sure about joining in with a married couple with kids. Even the most open-minded of people have particular views of family life, and they don’t include threesomes.

Sophie is first and foremost a mother. She takes Maddy to school and chats with the other moms about this and that. But when asked what she had done on Saturday night at her daughter’s class picnic, she neglects to mention the kissing and slow dancing with a woman at a club. Imagining the wide-eyed stares and gaping mouths on the moms’ faces (and the awe perhaps from the dads) is reason enough for Sophie to keep her true identity hidden. This causes a cognitive dissonance of sorts. Sophie is neither embarrassed nor ashamed of who she is, yet to protect her family, she cannot reveal a great part of who she is because of what other moms might think. And as educated and enlightened as we purport to be, moms are, at heart, often competitive and judgmental when it comes to what might seem like inappropriate “mom” behavior. Maybe it’s because we have our own secret proclivities.

But Sophie is not alone. A recent New York Times article by Mark Oppenheimer called “Married, With Infidelities” profiles Dan Savage, America’s best known sex columnist. His column, Savage Love, often looks at monogamy and what he considers its problems. For Savage, the best relationships are had if both people involved are “good, giving and game,” whatever that might entail for the couple. For Savage personally, it includes some extramarital activity; in Sophie’s case, it’s finding women to fool around with and perhaps sharing them with her husband, as she’s done in the past.

Judith Stacey, a New York University sociologist quoted in Oppenheimer’s article, succinctly sums up Sophie’s definition of her marriage: “Monogamy is not natural, non-monogamy is not natural. Variation is natural.” Variation is the key to Sophie’s happy marriage and her ability to be the best mother she can be.

Marriage and motherhood are never easy. In addition to balancing the demands of a husband and child, Sophie also has to find the time (and place) to fulfill a whole other need. She isn’t looking for a girlfriend per se, but she is looking for variation in her sex life. And though Steve is never accusing in his questions, he does want to be included in every part of Sophie’s life – and so it’s a challenge for her to decide how much to share. If Sophie ultimately decides that she wants to find another man, or Steve decides he does want to see another woman, these will be other lines they’ll have to cross. Fluidity in their relationship is understood as part of human nature, and Sophie knows that they will approach it together.

Sophie and Steve love each other, their child and the variation on life they’re mapping out for themselves. With the current media explosion about Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnthony Weiner and countless other celebrities and politicians literally being caught with their pants down, Sophie has figured out something most people haven’t. Honesty is truly the core of a relationship, and being who you really are, no holds barred, is the secret to happiness.

Bisexual Dating Resources

A Bisexual is a person who knows that sexuality is fluid, it is free and changing. A person labeled under this category is the type of person who can be attracted to both men an women in all levels and categories one can imagine be it romantically, intellectually, physically and others.

Are you Bisexual?
Some people although knowing that they are attracted to people of the same sex tend to brush the idea off because of the rule of the norm. For others on the other hand, they do not even know if they really are a bisexual. To determine if you really are under this particular category of gender you may check the following guidelines.
  • Which gender do you find yourself to be more comfortable?
  • Are you physically attracted to both sexes?
  • Do you prefer seeking emotional comfort with men or women?
  • Have you ever been emotionally attached to a person of the same sex?
It is through determining the answer to the said questions that one can realize on whether he or she is a bisexual. Chances are, if one has really been extremely emotionally, physically, intellectually attached to a person of the same sex while accepting the probability of being in the same state of feelings with the opposite sex that one can be certain that s/he is a true bisexual.
Dating ressources
The queer world is rather small and intimate. There are many venue for one to find people of the same sex preference. For single bisexual people who does not know where to start meeting people try to go online to know people. There are already several websites meant for this type of dating.
www.bicupid.com is one of the most popular and very well advertised lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender network website. Its use can make her own profile and customize it according to her personality. It also gives a venue for people to chat as a group and as an individual.

http://www.bidatingnow.com has been available for every bisexual people to communicate with each other since the year 1997. In fact, one can even browse on someone else profile without the need of registering to the site making it more interesting.

http://www.bidatingsite.com is the site for bisexuals to meet people who are not of the same gender range. Its membership is free. Users are allowed to create their own profile and browse members from other dating websites.

First Time Oral Sex with a Woman

love over 40

A few tips for your first time oral experience. If it’s your first time having oral sex with a woman, don’t be afraid to let her know you’ve never done this before. Let her know you’re eager to get to work, but not quite sure of the lay of the land.

When you’re ready, pull down her pants. Go ahead and kiss her on the outside of her panties before you remove them.

Start gently and build up the intensity: Be gentle. Don’t go at her like a dog to a bone. Kiss her outside labia and gently run your tongue between her lips. Notice if she’s wet. Pay attention to what she does with her body. Does she arch her back and push up to meet your tongue? This is a sure sign that she’s ready for you to get more active down there. Pay attention to her verbal and nonverbal communication.

What to do with your tongue? First take some time and explore the whole region, but eventually you’re going to want to end up on or near her clitoris. Go ahead and dip your tongue inside her vagina and if she likes it, insert a finger or two or more. When you’re first learning, slow down and pay attention to the subtleties of every sound and every movement your lover makes.
Some women require a lot of stimulation directly on their clitoris to orgasm. Others only like to be stimulated near and around it. When she is aroused try flicking (with your tongue, not your fingers) her clitoris. Some women like to have it sucked. For others that is too much. She may want one thing one day and something different the next.
As you can see, I haven’t given you any exact answers to your questions. The best thing to do is to experiment, do what feels natural to you and look for clues from your partner. If you can’t read her nonverbal cues, go ahead and ask her. More here? Is this the spot? Like this? She may answer you, or she may just grab your head and direct you where she wants you to go. .
If she asks you to do something different or change what you’re doing, don’t take it personally. The best lovers are the ones who listen to their partners and have self-confidence without being cocky.

Tips for Bisexual Women Dating Lesbians

love over 40

Many women who describe themselves as bisexuals are looking forward to date lesbians. However, they have to face a wide range of difficulties when trying to date lesbians. In fact, most of the bisexual women say that lesbians ignore them. Here are some effective tips that bisexual women can try when they are looking to date lesbians on bi dating websites.

  • Women are softer than men – It has been identified that women are harder to date than men. That’s because they have soft qualities when compared to men. If you want to date without any hassle, you can think of dating men. Women are more complicated than men and you will have to think about many different things in order to date a woman that you like. In fact, all these factors should be present and working to deliver the best results. It has also been identified that women are difficult to understand and date. Even though you are a woman who is planning to date a woman, you should not expect it to be easy. Dating a bi couple is much more convenient as well.
  • Lesbians believe that bisexual women are late to life lesbians – Lesbian women believe that bisexual couples are not serious. In fact, they think that bisexuals are just curious and they don’t want to get in a serious lesbian relationship. They don’t need to get into a relationship with a late to life lesbian as they expect too much. As a result, they don’t tend to establish a lesbian relationship with a bi couple.
  • Lesbians are in need of certainty – A bi couple can bring a lot of uncertainty to the life of a lesbian. On the other hand, lesbians prefer to get more certainty in their lives. In fact, lesbians think that you can find a guy without any hassle. As a result, all your intentions will be subjected to question. If you need to create that feeling of certainty before you date a lesbian, you can think of including things such as swearing off men as friends.
  • Lesbians don’t fall in love with a woman just because she is a woman – Many lesbians say that they find it as a hard task to find a woman who is really attracted. On the other hand, they are not attracted to every woman as well. You need to figure out the chemistry of attraction in order to attract lesbians to you as a bisexual.

Lesbians are serial monogamists –It means that bisexual ladies cannot expect too much of casual sex from a lesbian. Therefore, it is important for all the bisexual ladies to convince their lesbian partner that they are not promiscuous. This can build the trust within your lesbian partner and you will find it as an easy task to build a strong relationship with more fun and pleasure.

Dinelle’s Coming Out Story – A Story of First Love

love over 40


I am 19 years old, graduated just last year, and I am completely out to almost everyone I know. I’ve been told I don’t know what I want because I’m just a teenager and it’s just a phase. But ever since I was little I always noticed that while other girls were giggling over the new boy or playing on the swing set, I was beating up the boys and playing with little bugs. When I was younger I didn’t know the words ‘lesbian’ or ‘bisexual’ but I knew the word homosexual and I didn’t even know what it meant. I was only ever told that it was a mental disorder and was something I should hope I didn’t ‘catch’.

My First Kiss

I never knew why I didn’t think guys were so great and always felt weird when we had to pair up to learn a dance or something. I liked hanging out with guys, I just never thought they were cute or fun to be around. I couldn’t tell anyone that I thought girls were cute and always just wanted to play with them because I didn’t know that’s what it was.

My first actual kiss with a girl was with one of my best friends at the time but I didn’t think anything of it because I’d seen girls give each other little kisses all the time. When I was 10 I had my first boyfriend, we never held hands, we never kissed, and we never did anything that would signify we were dating what so ever. After about two and a half years I told him I was sorry but we really were just good friends and we weren’t really dating anyways. He agreed and we’re still friends to this day. When I was 13 I had my first kiss with a boy, it was like I felt nothing, I mean I definitely didn’t want another one, but girls my age were supposed to be kissed by guys, so I went along with it. Finally when I hit 15 I went to put on a performance and was meeting two other girls in our group when I met her. She was a cute girl about my height, my age exactly with short sandy blonde hair and the clearest blue eyes I’d ever seen. The only thing was I didn’t even notice her I was so wrapped up in getting our dance moves right. Later on after the performance the girl asked me to come to the arcade with her and dink around for a little bit. So over that weekend we talked and had a great time.
Over the next week or so we talked almost every day on the phone and on the computer. And we were joking around like normal and I said she was mine jokingly, she asked me then “If I’m yours then why don’t you go out with me?” I literally stopped breathing for who knows how long. I didn’t know what to say or do, or even think. So I asked her to give me until that Friday when I went over to her house. I’d never thought of going out with girls but between the time we hung out and when she asked me that, I had kissed her a few times randomly, just innocent little kisses. And as slow as I am I didn’t put two and two together that this was my first real crush, and that I really liked her.
So when I went over to her place that Friday her best friend asked if we were official now, the girl said she didn’t know but she hoped so. She looked to me and I told her she was right. We went out for about a year and a half before my mom finally found out. At first my mom was terrified and told me I didn’t know what I was doing. Now however she tells me if I’m stressed then I probably just need a girlfriend. Me and my first girlfriend went out for three whole years before she finally told me she didn’t love me anymore. In those three years she cheated on me twice, I forgave her twice, she hurt me in more ways than I could ever imagine, but I was so in love with her I could forgive anything as long as she stayed with me. I’ve had three girlfriends since her, but still I’ve yet to feel the intense and unconditional love I felt for my blonde, blue eyed lover.
Today I am out to pretty much my entire family, no one I know outside my family doesn’t know, and I am happily single at the moment. I am in college and focusing on myself for now, but I’m still always open to sweet loving girls who like me for me. I am a full-blown bisexual who’s not ashamed to admit it.

5 Topics to Avoid If You Choose to Venture into Bisexual Dating

love over 40

Bisexuals usually endure disrespectful remarks from straight and gay people because of a common misconception that they are indecisive. However, this is far from the truth, and if you decide to date a bisexual, it is important to respect their sex orientation without forcing them to make a choice. It is important to note that bisexuals can commit to a relationship, the same way straight and gay people can. Therefore, if you choose to follow the bisexual dating path, steer away from the following topics because they will be disrespectful to your partner.

Gender Preference

When you start bi dating, your focus should on making the relationship work and not finding out about your partner’s gender preference. The basic component of any relationship is respect and, therefore, asking your partner about his/her sexual preference, it is disrespectful. Please remember that the person you are dating wants to be with you because of your personality, and not your sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation

Like mentioned earlier, bisexual usually face discrimination because most people do not understand them. A significant number of people assume that bisexuals are gay people who are yet to make up their mind. Therefore, when you start bisexual dating, you should have a clear understanding of the sex orientation and bringing up sexual orientation topic in hope changing them is disrespectful.


Just because someone is a bisexual does not mean that the person will just date anyone who is interested in dating. Bisexual have standards and, and as previously mentioned, they make their choices based of a person’s character. Therefore, if you are interested in dating bisexual women, please respect them and know that they are faithful, and you can trust them. Starting a cheating topic will insinuate that you have a low level of trust.

The Past

If you choose to date a bisexual, it is unfair to try to dig about the past. It is actually disrespectful when you ask your partner about his or her dating history. Bisexual dating is not easy, especially when one partner do not appreciate the sexual orientation of the bisexual partner. When you ask about someone’s past, you imply that you want to know where his or her preference lies. The past relationships should stay in the past.

Referring to them Straight or Gay

Bisexuals are bisexuals and not straight or gay. The misconception occurs mostly to bisexual women.  If you are dating a bisexual girl, avoid referring to her as a lesbian or a straight girl. She is simply a bisexual. Constantly referring to her a lesbian is mistaking her for something she is not. A relationship should have a foundation of understanding and acceptance. You have to be comfortable with her orientation and identify her with it.

Bisexual Dating: Fulfill Your Fantasy to Be with Another Woman

love over 40

Here’s some solid advice to help you fulfill your fantasy about being with another woman.

Maybe the urge to be with another woman has been there for a long time or maybe you discovered it after watching some steamy sex scenes on cable t.v., but now your curiosity is keeping you wondering what it would be like.

Keep in mind that there are differences in approaching a woman based on whether she is lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious. There are also differences in the overall experience of being with a woman depending on their sexual orientation. Sex with another woman can be super hot and like nothing you have ever imagined. It’s not like you’ve seen depicted in some “straight” girl-on-girl porn flick that you may have watched with your boyfriend.

Where to start? Your experience with another woman will vary dramatically, depending on the “type” and sexual orientation of the woman you choose. If you are the submissive type, look for someone who is more of an aggressive type take-charge woman.
You will have to be a bit assertive and engage in some conversations to feel your way around a bit. Chatting online to get your feet warmed up can be a good idea, if you fiind another woman who is serious about actually meeting in person. Going to local lesbian night clubs can increase your odds of finding an interested woman.
You can also attend events geared towards the LGBT community. If you attend an event and meet someone that interests you and later you meet up for a drink, it’s ok to tell her that you have not been with a woman or whatever your situation is. Honesty is the best policy in any relationship.
You may want to refrain from actually using the term “bi-curious” since it does have a negative connotation.  Being honest is important, but there are multiple ways of expressing your situation without causing someone to pass judgment on you before they have the opportunity to get to know you as a person.
If you decide to join an online women’s  site, like Meetbi.com, you should write exactly what you are looking for and be honest about your bi-curiosity. Put up a profile picture, describe yourself physically, and describe the type of woman you are seeking; age, body type, etc. Indicate that you are looking to actually meet someone. Having a complete profile and maintaining an active membership will let other members know you are serious about meeting in person. Don’t give out personal contact information, like your address, until you’ve developed a rapport with another member and feel you’ve gotten to know her somewhat.
Survival Tips. If you find a woman that captures your attention, you already have some things in common, such as doing hair, nails, shopping and other girly things. Invite her for a drink at a sexy restaurant. Keep it short initially to see if there is a connection and if things go well, you can roll it right into a sexy dinner. I would avoid a “straight bar” environment since you will most likely spend part of your time fielding off guys.
If you do want to go for a drink, stick to the gay/lesbian neighborhoods or a restaurant that has a nice lounge/cocktail area. If this all goes well, the next “date” should be spent doing a longer activity, such as a day spa or shopping at a nice venue. If you spend some time talking in between, you may even step it up and plan a weekend getaway to fast track your sexual experience if you both know you are totally into each other. If you are more into sports than the bar scene, meeting up for an activity that engages you both physically could be a good option.
If you meet from an online ad, follow the three step process. Exchange a few emails, have one or two phone conversations, then meet up for a short first encounter (about an hour), such as meeting for coffee, tea, drinks, etc. This way if for some reason it’s not working out, you both have an easy out without creating an awkward moment. Do not spend months of emails and phone conversations. You want to make sure you are attracted to her in person and ensure she is really who she says she is. Online dating is a great option, but be smart and a bit cautious.

If you meet your lady in person randomly, you most likely already know you are physically attracted to each other. After exchanging numbers and speaking on the phone, it’s okay to jump into something longer than coffee or drinks, such as lunch or dinner. Steer clear from going to a movie for the first date, since it prevents you from actually talking and getting to know each other. If, however, you are shy, a movie may be a good way to warm up to each other, spend some time together and work your way up gradually to more conversation. If all goes well and you feel comfortable, you can then follow the movie with drinks or dinner.
Go for it. The above are just some examples of the potential dynamics to think about. It may be a lot to consider, but your goal should be to make your first girl on girl experience all that it can be. So ladies, stop just fantasizing about it; get out there and go for it. There are plenty of women out there who will be more than willing to help you explore your interests. Whatever the outcome, you will both get to share something exciting, sexy, and fun and in these economic conditions, fulfilling some of our fantasies and exploring new feelings can lessen our day to day stresses. Explore your options and get to know who you are, but be honest with yourself and whomever you meet.