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Thanks to BiCupid – My Online Bisexual Dating Story

love over 40e one of them. I was twenty-six and I had just decided that it was finally time to put myself on the market… the dating market. I was not sure exactly how to go about doing something like this because I was bi and looking for a female partner. There were not a lot of dating sites that catered to that need of mine but after a quick and easy search on Google, I finally found what I was looking for on a site called BiCupid.

I took things slow and did not rush into finding a partner. I looked through many profiles and chatted with quite a few women who were also searching for female partners. After about one month of searching through profiles and talking to new people, I found a match that was right for me. Her name was Tira. She was thirty years old and she was bi just like me. We hit it off and decided to meet in person in order to further our relationship.

We went on several dates and got to know each other quite well. We even had a few sexual experiences together as a result of these dates. Soon, our sexual experiences began to be the focus of all of our dates. After a while, I realized that I did not really have feelings for Tira and that the only part of our time together that I looked forward to was sexual. I also realized that Tira was doing the same thing and that the two of us were simply using each other for sex. I quickly decided that this was not what I was looking for in life and that I wanted to end the relationship but I was not sure how to go about telling this to Tira.

One day, Tira approached me with a proposition. She wanted to have a threesome between her, her husband, and myself. This was instantly a turn off. I did not know that she was married and although our relationship had just been for sex, I was very put off by this. I did not want to date a married woman and, besides, I actually liked younger girls a lot better than older girls. I figured that it would be better to end this now. So, when she made this offer to me, I not only rejected her but I let her know that I was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with her. I did this casually because I knew that the relationship did not mean a great deal to either of us since we had both resorted to just using each other for sex.

Tira was only slightly disappointed by me breaking off our relationship. We went our separate ways and I returned to BiCupid in order to start talking to people and looking for a better relationship than I had had with Tira. Only a week after I had ended things with Tira, she sent me a message on BiCupid and invited me to a party that she was throwing as a sign of good will. I had nothing better to do and thought that it would be fun so I let her know that I would definitely be there. I thought that perhaps this would be a good way to meet new people and hopefully meet another girl who might be interested in me.

I went to the party and although I did not have high expectations, I did meet someone. From the moment I saw her, I was entranced. The first word that came to mind when I saw her was sexy. She had tattoos on her body and I felt myself instantly wondering how many tattoos she had underneath her clothes.  Although I was a little bit nervous, I approached her and started a conversation easily. She was easy to talk to and as she spoke I knew that I just wanted to know more and more about her. We had a chemistry together and I could tell that she felt the same way that I did. I quickly learned that she was a lesbian and I also learned that she did not mind that I was bi. The fact that I was sometimes attracted to men did not bother her at all and that made me ecstatic.

I took that sexy woman home that night and we got to know each other intimately which was something that I enjoyed greatly. I was able to see all of her tattoos and she was eager to show them to me. We quickly realized that we wanted to spend even more time together and that this relationship would not be one that was only about sex. And so we went on dates and actually got to know one another. Now, we have been together for a year and a half and I can honestly say that I love her. We are very happy together and I hope that we will stay that way for a very long time.

I would like to thank both BiCupid and Tira for bringing the two of us together. Without them, neither one of us would have ever found the love that we have for each other and because of them, we are both very, very happy. Thank you!

From Straight Girl to Bisexual: How I Fell for My Best Friend and Her Boobs

love over 40

Hello Friends.  First of all I would like you to imagine me on a children’s rocking horse, which happens to be located at the top of a ten-foot slide.  The bottom of that slide is three feet from wherever you are reading this post.  Imagine hearing a fun circus-type whistle and BOOM – I’m flying right at you; this is how I would like to enter your world if you will allow me to do so.  The reality is that I’ll be writing this column from my apartment in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where ‘La Cucaracha’ is currently playing via car horn for the sixth time today.

Okay, so blah blah blah, my best friend’s boobs.  Four short years ago I was a straight.  Today, I am a bisexual lesbian. Girl, we need to talk.  So much has happened. Where have you been? Why didn’t I realize sooner in life?  I’m in my thirties.  What took so long?  Seriously.

Let’s get back to my best friend’s boobs.

It all happened so quickly.  One day I was sitting on the couch with my best friend and the thought of kissing her or any other woman had never occurred to me until that moment.  So I asked her if I could.  She said no.  She didn’t feel that way about me.  She felt emotionally connected to me, but not physically.  Fine.  But that didn’t stop me from exploring those feelings.  She and I hooked up a tiny bit and did agree that we were dating emotionally, just not physically.  Truthfully, I just don’t know how she could resist me – I am quite adorable.

The good thing about all this is that it’s led me to love.  What could be so wrong with that?  I’m happy to say though that back then I wasn’t scared of the impulse, it was nice to like something new. (Boobs.)  I didn’t judge the feeling, either.  I just thought, maybe I should look into this. (Boobs.)  I did and here I am: a bisexual lesbian.   Ain’t no thang, baby.  (I’ll stop with the boobs.)

I need to amend my ‘La Cucaracha’ comment: make that eight times today. I was just lucky enough to get a double dose.  Thank you, Echo Park.

I’m excited to write this column because I think there are some people who are confused sexually andpolitically.  But don’t worry, I’m not here to preach, sheeps.  But I might be here to brag.  I guess I’m proud that I’ve made sweet beautiful love to both sexes and can firmly say that I truly satisfy both.  Not many people can say that.  I can, baby.  Jazz hands.

I’m not saying that I’ve slept with a lot of people.  Calm down and go soak your tampons in some more alcohol.  Drinking through your mouth is ten minutes ago.  ALL I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT I’VE HAD A LOT OF SEX IN MY LIFE with a limited number of partners belonging to BOTH sexes.  And I’m saying this because I think I deserve at least a plaque or something?

In case you’re keeping score, I can count the amount of people I’ve slept with on two hands.  Which is no small feat in this post-Jersey Shore, call a taxi and run era.  (I actually just stopped writing this to count the amount of people I’ve been with to make sure my testimony is accurate.  The numbers are in: Look Mom, TWO HANDS!!)

I guess I feel the need to share all this because I feel like making endless love to both sexes successfully makes me a bad ass.  Maybe that makes me a dork.  Maybe the only place I want to be right now is at the top of a mountain wearing nothing but underwear and a leather jacket screaming, “I’m a bisexual lesbian, baby.  AIN’T ANY THANG.”

I do feel like I should have figured this out at some point during my adolescence, though: I wanted to be Joe Elliot, the lead singer for Def Leppard, for God’s sake.  Why didn’t that clue me in?  (To be fair, I also wanted to be Bo Derek, Wembley from Fraggle Rock and Madonna – so I get the confusion.)  It just didn’t occur to me, not during my four years of college on a softball scholarship, not during my time in Europe playing semi-professional soccer for Manchester United, not even when I marveled at my impressive tube sock collection did it occur to me.  Maybe it just shouldn’t matter when, maybe it’s just about the who and the what.  Right now I feel like I’m finally me and if it takes dating both sexes for years to figure it out then so be it.  The B word isn’t such a bad thing.

I’m proud to be bisexual.  We’re a misunderstood breed.   When I came out to my gay friends, I thought I was going to get some kind of a welcome gliteratti leather and lace parade with a ball later that night that included a step and repeat.  Nope.  All I got was, “You’re a slut, you’re confused, you’re in a phase, we don’t want you.”  Well, fine.  Be that way.  My tube sock collection might suggest otherwise, but I’m pretty secure in the fact that it’s all about the person to me.  Why else would I date a Star Wars nerd?

And maybe it is a phase, but I don’t think so.  I think we have more important things to think and care about other than who our fellow friends, relatives and/or students love.   That feels a little preachy, but too bad.  I don’t think that there’s anything that should hold you back from what your heart is telling you except bad breath.  Get a mint, girl, and let’s talk.